Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Like a ton of bricks

It just occurred to me, sitting in my chair in my office waiting for my computer to boot, that we've been doing the OPH booth wrong.  Instead of asking how people usually vote we should be asking if they're registered to vote.  By doing this we can point out to the unregistered that if they register and get behind a candidate that agrees with them we CAN win elections and it'll show the registered voters why the two power-parties have been winning even though in every OPH booth I've done the Libertarian quadrant has about 1/3 of the responses.  After that it's simply a matter of getting these people to register.  We can only hand out the forms since we're prevented from acting as registrars because we're not Ds or Rs but even that will help.
I think this might open some eyes, I can't wait to try it.


Anonymous said...

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Calion said...

Ug. Blog spam. There's an option in Blogger to help prevent that.

Anyway, perhaps we should continue to ask who people should vote for for demographic reasons, but ask anyone who scores libertarian if they are registered and hand out the form.

Hm! You already have the spam prevention option up. Odd.