Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Information, not innocence, seems to be the first casualty of war

In an earlier post I mentioned my friend's blog about his experiences as a member of operation Crescent Relief. In a stunning display of arbitrary censorship the military has decided that he can no longer post to the blog and has required him to remove all previous posts.

He talked about what he had seen, the sights, the sounds, the people. There is supposedly a reported "embedded" with his unit but he can't post his own experiences. I'm glad I'm no longer in the service as I would be facing court-martial right now in the same situation as I doubt I could obey an order such as the one he received.

Pastuerized, homoginized, sanitized for your protection. Information must be approved lest we find out vehicles had mud on their roofs and the CHiPs drive large SUVs. Pretty dangerous stuff.

I'm beginning to beleive there isn't much hope left.


Calion said...

Very nice. I also liked the one before this. Keep these coming.

A primer on price gouging would be nice too. Perhaps for the Podcast. Heartland has a nice starter article.

Anonymous said...

hey Walt, its Jennifer Ivy, leaving you a comment for the project we have due. Thanks for the hint about the blog, without it, I never would have found you.