Friday, May 25, 2007

Some Days You're The Ball, Some Days You're The Pins

Robyn felt like the later after the State Finals of the USBC Pepsi/Youth Tournament in Rockford earlier this month. It was a tough ride with two of her siblings, my wife Aimee and me. It was a tough house with lots of noise, bad disco music and heavy crowds. It was a tough format; two four-game blocks with no real break in-between.
Even with all that, Robyn managed to place 27th in a field of 113 girls. The top 24 bowled on the second day for a chance to go to the National Finals. They asked the first 5 outside the top 24 to come back in case someone didn't show up. One girl didn't so number 25 got to bowl. How far was Robyn away from number 25 you ask? 6 pins. 6 pins after 8 games separated Robyn from a shot at a trip to Buffalo. 6 pins. 0.75 pins per game. One additional spare in any of the games.
It's the little things in life. It's the details that matter. It was a tough lesson.

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Calion said...

Way to go Robyn! That must have been a tough blow. But to do as well as you did...well, color me impressed.

Good job